Disney Fans, Want to Know Which Disney Princess You're Most Connected To?

We can open your eyes and take you wonder by wonder...

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Mar 14, 2023
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We all love Disney’s princesses, don’t we? Sassy, spunky, with a whole lot of fire and smarts, what’s not to like about them? And, of course, they get their happily ever after, and who wouldn’t want that? Well, they might exist just on screen, but these characters have been crafted with so many fantastic qualities and characteristics that you might just share. Want to know what these are? Just take the quiz.

>> Which Disney Character Would Be Your BFF? <<

On a day off, you can be found…

In an argument, you’d be…

Your dream destination?

A job you’d excel at would be...

Pick your favorite song:

Your soul animal is a…

You can be found mostly wearing…

You like wearing your hair…

I identify most with this style…

Lastly, pick your fave food!

You’re just like Belle!

You’re just like Belle!

Just like Belle, you too, are intelligent, well-read, and have the unique ability to look beyond the surface to really see the person within. You don’t need an entourage surrounding you wherever you go. Just a few trusted friends make up your inner circle, and they have your loyalty for life.

You’re just like Mulan!

You’re just like Mulan!

You share the same passion, courage, and the ability to stick to your convictions and deal calmly with whatever life throws at you. You’re a true warrior, and it shows!

You’re just like Jasmine!

You’re just like Jasmine!

Like Jasmine, you’re strong and independent. But that doesn’t mean you leave your family behind. You’re fiercely loyal and protect your own, irrespective of the cost. And when adventure beckons, you’re the first to sign up.

Did we get it right? Who’s really your fave Disney princess?

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