Can You Recognize These Artists’ First Songs?

There’s something special about these debut hits.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Dec 15, 2022
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The first, they say, is always special. But when it comes to these artists, their debut songs were also memorable. At least many of them were. Some debuts went on to become hits, while others could never quite manage to live up to the more iconic tracks they came up with later. Did we also mention that you have to be a true fan to ace this quiz? Well, let’s see how many of these you get right.

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Released in 1962, this was The Beatles’ first single.

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Pick Led Zeppelin’s debut track from this list.

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Their debut track made Oasis a household name; can you name it?

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The Doors’ made a statement with their striking debut, which was…

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The Swifties can’t get this one wrong; what was Taylor’s first song?

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Lana Del Rey dropped this hit as her debut song.

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Jennifer Lopez moved from acting to singing with this debut hit.

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Adele’s first song was as powerful as those that followed. What was it?

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This debut hit set Dire Straits up for superstardom.

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Lady Gaga’s hit debut stayed on the charts for 49 weeks.

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Debut tracks are…

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