Can You Name These Celebrities' First-Ever Movies?

Just how much of an impression did these debuts make on you?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 15, 2022
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These stars have become so big that you tend to just equate them with blockbusters, often forgetting their more humble movie beginners. And for some, it’s the opposite, where they exploded on our screens in ablaze of glory. So which camp does your fave celeb fall in? This quiz will reveal if you know what they really did that first summer?

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His first role in Hollywood was in the film ‘Grizzly II’ with Charlie Sheen, which was never released.

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Lupita Nyong'o won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her first film role in this movie.

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Leonardo DiCaprio might have stolen our hearts on a sinking ship, but we first saw him in this horror movie as a child actor.

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This star made her film debut in Disney's ‘Frenemies’, where she played a young magazine editor.

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This former model made her acting debut in ‘Anna Kareninia’.

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Anna Kendrick’s debut was in this musical.

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This stunning actor made her debut in the film, ‘Jamón Jamón’, about a young woman caught between two men.

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This star’s debut was in the film, ‘Ordinary Magic’, which was about a boy trying to save his family home from being destroyed.

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This actress made her debut in ‘Dreamgirls’, for which she won an Oscar.

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She’s ‘Wonder Woman’ now, but her first role was part of another franchise.

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Let’s go back in time: ‘Roman Holiday’ was this legendary star’s first Hollywood film. Can you pick the right actor?

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