Can You Match These Memoirs to the Celebrities Who Wrote Them?

Provocative or inspiring, do you know who wrote these?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Aug 12, 2022
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Memoirs have the power to transport you to the most personal, inspiring, traumatic, exhilarating times of the writer’s life. They allow you to see the person behind the brand or public face. And it’s no different for these celebrities who have written some of the most powerful memoirs out there. Can you match the book to the right author? This quiz will tell you if you’re right.

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In ‘Open Book’, _____ candidly discusses her journey in this honest, touching memoir.

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Writer, actress and director Mindy Kaling talks about her journey in this best-selling memoir.

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‘Unfinished’ is the powerful memoir of this incredible Asian star.

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Viola Davis writes about her illustrious career in her memoir titled…

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 Will Smith’s first memoir chronicles his life in the public eye and is called…

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“You Can’t Be Serious” relates this actor’s journey in Hollywood and details how he came out for the first time through these pages.

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Featuring incredible recipes, this award-winning director-actor and foodie wrote “Taste: My Life Through Food”.

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This popular comedian wrote a New York Times bestseller called “Yearbook”.

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When it came out, Brandi Carlile’s memoir was considered to be one of the best rock autobiographies. It was called…

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Elton John’s incredibly insightful memoir was called…

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Heralded as one of the finest books when it came out, Matthew McConaughey took us on an inspirational journey with…

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“Open” was a solid sports-star memoir by one of the best players of his generation.

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In “All In” this tennis star wrote about her journey as one of the top-ranked athletes in the world.

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This actor talked about her near-death experience and journey to reclaim her health in the candidly honest “The Beauty of Living Twice”.

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Written in the most accessible manner, this first lady’s memoir titled ‘Becoming’ was a bestseller for a reason.

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We don’t have to say that Tina Fey’s witty memoir is incredibly funny and makes for the perfect read. It’s called…

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“Dreams From My ____” is Barack Obama’s fascinating memoir that recounts his upbringing in Hawaii and Kansas.

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“Fresh Off the Boat” was the title of this celebrity chef’s unapologetically real memoir.

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The musical genius of this irreplaceable star was there for all to read in “The Beautiful Ones”.

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Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious memoir was a bestseller she titled…

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“In Pieces” is a vulnerable memoir that this actor took 7 years to write without the help of a ghostwriter.

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“Wildflower” was this actor’s second spellbinding memoir, where she talks about how she “rescued herself”.

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“The Princess Diarist” is the third and final memoir that was at once honest and painful and, of course, beautifully written.

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