Can You Guess Which Country This Quirky City Is Part Of?

You’ll never guess some of these.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jan 16, 2023
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If you’re like us, chances are you have a travel -bucket list-. But if your list contains the conventional touristy destinations, you’d be missing out on some of the lesser-known but incredibly fascinating places you can find around the world. For instance, we guarantee that you won’t be able to place some of the spectacular cities or towns you’ll find in this quiz. Or can you really match them to the country they belong to? Take our quiz and see how you do.

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Cartagena is a beautiful city and a major naval station known for both its culture and its nightlife and is located in…

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Bergen is the second most populated city in this country and is an idyllic, post-card-perfect spot.

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Huacachina is known as the “Oasis of South America” and is a picturesque village surrounded by sand dunes located in…

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Known as the "Home of the Hot Springs", Beppu is a relatively small city surrounded by the sea and mountains and has been attracting tourists for years. It is located in…

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Chefchaouen is the famous 15th-century blue fortress town that offers jaw-dropping views and stunning spots located in…

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With its baroque architecture and fairytale charm, Ljubljana is located in...

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Quito is situated under two snow-capped volcanoes and is known for its resemblance to Florence, but this city is located in…

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Located near the Baltic Sea, Tallinn is reputed to be one of Europe’s best preserved historical cities, which is located in…

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Rotorua, or ‘sulfur city’, is home to seven active geysers and 500 hot water pools and reportedly smells like rotten eggs. It’s located in…

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Sheki, which boasts a rich Silk Road history and stunning architecture, is located in…

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