Can You Guess These Magical Creatures?

Gremlins, goblins, wizards, ghouls – how well do you know the difference between them. Take our cool quiz.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Mar 23, 2022
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____ are spirits that you can see.

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A ____ is a ghost that makes noises, moves things around, and causes mischief around the house that it haunts.

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A spirit in the form of a wailing woman is known as a _______.

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While both are mythical creatures, these are mischievous, ugly, dwarflike supposedly living creatures.

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On the other hand, these are said to be apparitions of evil spirits, making them non-living beings.

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These are part men, part scorpion creatures from ancient Mesopotamia.

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A ___ top half is human, and the bottom half is the full body of a horse. 

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These creatures are known for their fire breathing abilities and their scaley, serpent-like bodies.

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____ is the malevolent soul or spirit of a deceased person who occupies a new body in order to complete their unfinished business. 

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____ were a class of individuals in ancient Celtic cultures known for their great wisdom and immense knowledge of old traditions.

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These are winged creatures that live along the forest floor, and some are cute and pretty while others can be wicked.

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______ have a lion’s body with the head, wings, and feet of an eagle. 

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A _____ is a powerful sea monster with many heads. 

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Possessing a body of a human and the head and tail of a bull, the legendary _____ is the offspring of the Cretan Queen Pasiphae and a bull.

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This powerful bird loves the sun and is known for combusting in a blaze of glory, only to be replaced by a new one that rises from its ashes. 

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An ___ is a priest or priestess that had a deity speak through them to answer a question.

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These brutish, monstrous beings live in caves, under rocks and bridges, or the interiors of mountains.

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Female figures in Norse mythology were known as…

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These creatures feed off of the blood of living humans.

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This male practitioner of magic is known to indulge in darker magic and the dark arts mostly.

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In ancient Greek mythology, they were helpful spirit guides, quite like guardian angels.

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Roman in origin, ____ are half-human, half-goat forest pals. 

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These creatures wear adorable, peaked red hats are similar to dwarves, but they don’t live underground.

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These bearded shoemakers in Irish tales sometimes hide pots of gold at the end of rainbows. 

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