Be Warned: Only REAL Grammar Pros Will Ace This Trivia Test

You may be resting, assured you can get 100% on this quiz... But can you really? We don't believe it. Time for you to prove us wrong.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jan 12, 2023
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Grammar quizzes, they say, are not for the faint of heart. And they are right. Even when they are easy, just the fact that a quiz puts you on the spot makes them hard to ace. You don’t agree? Prove it by getting an amazing score on this one. Try doing it fast and see how you fare when it comes to telling the difference between ensure, assure and insure. Not as easy as it appears, we think, but your score will reveal all.

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I am ____ that you’ll do extremely well on your final exam if you follow these tips.

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You simply have to ____ your house even if it’s old.

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Can you ___ that selling my car will help me complete my payments?

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I have no choice but to ____ my assets.

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I ____ you that I did not mean a word of my rant.

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Heat the oven well to __ it’s the right temperature to bake the cake.

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Does that painting really need to be ____?

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It was Frank’s job to ____ that all the items were safely packed away.

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Kim was far from ____ that Rob felt the same way about her.

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We hired a chef to ___ that the meal was perfect in every way.

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