Answer Just 10 Questions & We'll Guess Your Favorite Ever Chocolate Cake

Indulge in a slice of self-discovery.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jan 13, 2024
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Calling all chocoholics who have a sweet tooth that just can't be tamed: Do you love indulging in a slice of chocolate cake every now and then? Well, did you also know that we can guess the cake that is a perfect match for your taste buds with this quiz? All you need to do is answer a few questions and let us do the rest. Get ready for one delish ride. Just don’t blame us if this quiz leaves you craving a slice (or two) of your perfect chocolate cake.

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What's your favorite type of frosting?

Your friends want to grab dessert; which place do you pick?

How are cold winter nights best spent?

What's your favorite type of cake filling?

What's your favorite type of drink to pair with cake?

What's your favorite type of ice cream?

What's your favorite type of cake texture?

How is cake best enjoyed?

What's your favorite type of breakfast pastry?

What's your favorite type of cake smell?

Decadent Chocolate Fudge 

Decadent Chocolate Fudge 

Cake is your emotional love language, and the fudgier it is, the more you like it. You know exactly what you like in life, and you aren’t willing to settle. So when the occasion calls for it, a deep, dark slice of cake is something you’ll happily bite into. No frills or fuss required, just some chocolaty goodness.

Whimsical Chocolate Raspberry Sponge

Whimsical Chocolate Raspberry Sponge

The whole point of cake, for you, is that it should take you on a nostalgic trip and provide a few minutes of sheer escapism as you lose yourself in your fave flavors. You like cakes that aren’t just dense and heavy but have notes that bring a bit of lightness and joy, like a fruity or citrusy dash. Cake is a pick-me-up, and it doesn’t get better than a tart yet delicious raspberry option, does it?

Indulgent Black Forest

Indulgent Black Forest

This classic cake is perfect for bold, adventurous, social butterflies, and by that, we mean people like you who know how to have a good time and, what’s more, how to make everyone around them have a great time as well. It’s no wonder you got this delicious option because we can’t think of a better cake to share with people around you.

How often do you indulge in chocolate cake?

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