Alright, Ladies, Can You Ace a Quiz on the Female Anatomy?

PS: This one’s for the boys to take a stab at too.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Apr 27, 2023
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Women are amazing – this is an undisputed fact. And just as amazing are our bodies. Yet, how many of us are aware of all the fascinating things our bodies can do? We bet not all. You don’t agree? Well, all you have to do is prove us wrong by taking this quiz. We can’t wait to see your score.

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Women’s muscles stay strong for longer than men’s.

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Most women typically lose about ___ of blood in total over the course of all their menstruating days.

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When you're pregnant, your uterus can expand ___ times its normal capacity.

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Women ___ almost twice as much as men.

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The average woman has about ___ eggs in her ovaries at birth.

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Women can ___ as compared to men.

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Blondes typically have ___ hair than brunettes or redheads.

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Your middle nail grows the ___, and your
thumb nail the ___.

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The color of the labia can change over time.

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Women and men have the same basic digestive plumbing, but the lower portion of the ___ called the sigmoid, tends to be longer in women.

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Yes or no? You have your anatomy knowledge down pat.

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