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Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jul 27, 2022
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It’s an extravaganza no fashion lover around the globe would dare to miss. From putting the spotlight on the most ingenious designers to showcasing the most avant-garde trends, Fashion Weeks are iconic all over the world. Take this quiz to see if you can get a high-fashion score on its fascinating history and origins. 

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Which city was the first to use the term ‘fashion week’?

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The home of the original Fashion week was….

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It was founded in ___ in New York.

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London was the first fashion week to ____ their events for a worldwide audience in Spring 2010.

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What was the first Paris Week dubbed?

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The 1986 edition of the London Fashion Week has this surprising guest show up and stay for the whole week…

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The first Fashion Week in New York was called the…

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In 2012, Carmen Dell' Orefice walked the runway for New York Fashion Week and was the oldest supermodel to do so. She was ___ years old.

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Although editions of Fashion Week exist throughout the globe, there are 4 cities known as the ‘Big Four’, and they take place in chronological order. 

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The extravagant after parties that the Fashion Weeks are so famous for were started by this designer…

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