A 6th Grader Could Ace This Homophone Quiz – Can You?

It's time to prove your mettle as a word wizard.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Sep 12, 2023
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You might consider yourself a word wizard, but can you tell the difference between "compliment" and "complement"? Or how about "accept" and "except"? Well, our quiz on homophones gives you the perfect opportunity to flex those grammar muscles. If you're up for the challenge, grab a cup of coffee and dive right in.

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The music was way __ loud.

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The children began __ their legs as the temperature increased.

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This bag is a limited ____.

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Shania is her father’s true ___.

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The more you chase after money, the more it ____ you.

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Cher was asked to read that passage ___.

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This car has to be ____.

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I ___ ____ crab cakes today.

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Baby James ___ his hands into fists and started banging his feet on the ground.

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I like my face to be ___ without any makeup.

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Which of the following common grammar mistakes do you find the most annoying?

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