The Social Media Is Taking Over Your Life? That's What You Should Do 

Remember when the world went dark a few weeks ago? Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic but the Facebook outage certainly made a lot of us realize how addicted we are to our phones and being online at all times. If you think you need to be weaned off social media for a bit, here are easy ways to do a digital detox.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 27, 2021

Now don’t panic, we aren’t asking you to delete your account, just the app. If you don’t have 24*7 access to it, it will be that much easier to let go of it for a bit. Use the time you would spend scrolling through it aimlessly to pick up a hobby you used to love -- reading, painting or just picking up the phone and talking to someone. Try and keep them off your phone for at least one weekend, then slowly increase the number of days you go without these apps.


Once you put it out there, you’re more likely to see it through as opposed to caving after just a few hours. This step can make you more accountable.


This way, you have company and support to keep you on track. Also, it’s definitely going to be easier to follow through when you have someone else doing it with you, and if you feel like ending your detox pact, a quick call to this friend might help you stick with it.


Done? Good. Now go a step further and plan exactly how you would go about doing this. If it’s meeting up with friends IRL more, then make that call; if it’s reading more, then go ahead and order those books. Actively planning what you will do will make you more likely to keep those apps off your phone for a longer period of time.


The constant pings and notifications can be distracting and can encourage you to spend more time scrolling on your phone. Keep only the notifications you really need.


Did you know that when singer Lorde needed time away from her phone, she set it to grayscale. Steal this genius idea. When your phone is vibrant and colourful, it’s so much more tempting to look at but in black and white, it’s not so alluring. Try it and see.


Even if it’s just two hours, that’s a start. During this time, you stay away from all social media apps and just spend the time catching up on things you love from cuddling your dog to going for a fun dance class, or basically anything you like doing.


This will help you eat mindfully and be more present. In fact, experts say that even keeping your phone next to you during meals can keep you on the edge waiting for the screen to light up. Just keep it away and see how your meal tastes so much better when you pay attention to what you’re eating.


The blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. This makes it harder to fall asleep. Also, don’t use your phone as an alarm clock, which can make it easy to reach for it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Just leave it out of your bedroom altogether.


It’s not just social media apps that you need a break from, it’s your emails too. That constant alert that says you have incoming mail on your phone isn’t doing you any favours. So just change your settings to allow emails to come in hourly or every two hours rather than as soon as you get them. Do this at least in the evenings during your personal time. If anyone needs to get hold of you urgently, they can always call you.