Claim B(r)agging Rights by Matching the Handbag to the Fashion House

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Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Mar 17, 2024
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If you’re a fashionista who can spot an IT bag from a mile away, this quiz is for you. It will reveal if you're a true luxe handbag aficionado who knows their Prada from their Proenza Schouler. Prove you’re not a fashion victim by acing this handbag showdown!

>> What Fashion Decade Do You Belong In?

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With their iconic polished studs, the “Garavani Rockstud” bags bring a dose of rock ‘n roll attitude to fashion. Which brand do they belong to?

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Which fashion house's "Falabella" features a metallic finish?

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Which brand's "Kelly" bag is a classic?

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The “Speedy” was created in 1930 and still remains a style stalwart. Which fashion house does it belong to?

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Which brand's “Trapeze” bag features contrasting textures?

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Which design house is known for its “2.55” bag?

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Which design house is known for its “Paddington” bag?

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Which Italian fashion house is known for its “Sicily” handbag?

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Which brand is known for its "Alexa" satchel?

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Which brand is famous for its "Le Pliage" tote?

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Which luxury brand do you like most?

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