Basketball Hoop

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Basketball Hoop

The most durable adjustable basketball hoop for the outdoors, with competition-grade performance. This basketball hoop set is available in a pleasing unisex color scheme of lime green, gray and light blue. The plastic backboards of these basketball goals are rather light, therefore the base doesn't need to be very heavy. Since it is not fixed to the ground, these portable goals come along with a base, which is needed to be filled with a certain level of sand or water for stability.

When it comes to built-in goals, you would expect something that looks substantial, and the Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball Hoop doesn't disappoint. The Lifetime 90061 is preferably used as an outdoor basketball hoop. The Lifetime Dunk-Proof Warranty covers the Coach Series adjustable basketball systems.

The best way to save money is to extend the life of your portable basketball goal by taking proper care of it. I would recommend this basketball inground hoop. If you're looking to replicate the experience that the pros have on the court, consider a basketball hoop with a tempered glass backboard.

Portable basketball hoops come in a very wide price range! You may also have to ask your local home owner's association if basketball hoops are allowed. Most portable basketball goals these days have the ability to adjust the height - great for kids who want to learn the game (or adults who want to pretend they can dunk), but it makes the construction of stable support poles difficult.

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