Which Character From TV's "The Office," Are You Quiz?

Have you ever wondered what major character from the TV show, The Office, are you? Well, wonder no more. This quiz will give you a series of questions that will decide which character you are. From zany Michael Scott to mysterious Dwight to cat-loving Angela. This is not just any personality quiz. A few questions are normal or conventional, but most are weird and odd. Some characters such as Ryan, Pam, Phyllis, Oscar, Stanley, and Toby could not be fitted in

Kemosabe Trilobite
On Feb 23, 2016

If you had to create an alter-ego or comic-relief character who would it be based on? Choose wisely.

Odd and gross question: Have you ever given OR received a live tapeworm

Con't: Was the "tapeworm" really a tapeworm

Pick a picture.

Which of these activities would you like to be doing most?

When in a group are you the...

Which of these aspects of life concerns you the most?

Pick one of these careers.

Now some questions for the Whovians: Which Doctor Who ALIEN is the best/scariest?

Where are planning to retire?

Which of these extinct reptiles you have never heard of, looks the most awesome to you?

What is your favorite 70's band/artist?

What is your favorite 80's band/artist?

What kind of dog breed is your type?

What is your favorite color?

What's the worst thing you have ever done?

Do you look at the glass as...

What must be done about the REBELLION.

Another tapeworm question: Is the tapeworm killing you??

Which of these video games is your favorite or the one you would like to play/learn how to play?

If you had to be stationed on one these planets from Star Wars, what would it be?

Which of these prehistoric reptile who have PROBABLY heard of is the most cool/awesome to you?

Choose a 70's TV show

Have you ever smoked an illegal drug?

What level of your job are you currently at?

Are you male or female?

Which planet do you currently live on?

What galaxy do you live in?

Who is your favorite OFFICE character?

Do you forget important information or peoples names often.

What about Malpheansons

What was the worst part about prison.

How much power do you want in life??

How about beets?

Where did you come from???

Choose a Sci-Fi genre

Do you want to die with a BANG or a WIMPER

Where do you see yourself in ten years??


Your on vacation, but you cannot scuba!

Do you like to create acronyms?

Your family owned a nice boat, but they decided to sell it. What is the last thing you do about it?

How about mung beans??

Do you like to be a deviant/trouble-maker

Choose a fruit

Choose a hobby

Which of these musical instruments do you/would you like to play?

When you finnaly die, where do you think you will probably end up.

Michael J. Scott

Michael J. Scott

As Michael Scott, you are the boss of the Scranton branch Dunder Mifflin and you think you are the boss of everything. You want a love life badly, but most people you date, you treat badly. You care very much about your employees and want them to like you back. You can be racist, offensive, sexist, and plain rude, but also caring and willing to do anything to let your employees keep their jobs, even saving the whole branch.

Jim Halpert

Jim Halpert

As Jim, you are one of the few that does not have big issues. You like sports and yearn to have a good family. You and Dwight often prank each other, sometimes in ways which can scare one of you to death. But in the end you are friends.

Kelly Kapoor

Kelly Kapoor

As Kelly, you care about having a large love life and getting lots of attention. You will talk just about anything which comes to mind, sometimes to the great annoyance of many Dunder Mifflin employees. You got arrested at age 14 for stealing a boat, making you sort of a deviant.

Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone

As Kevin, you mainly focus on food, but also on your friends at Dunder Mifflin. You work in accounting with Oscar and Angela, who gang up on you. You can sometimes be a big jerk to people, but most of the time you are a perfectly nice guy to be around.

Andy Bernard

Andy Bernard

As Andy Bernard, you care about being well known and in the limelight, but also having a strong love life. Your weakness is anger issues, such as when you punched a hole in the wall, near Michael's door. You graduated Cornell and sang in an acapella group, which you brag about much to the annoyance of the employees at Dunder Mifflin-Scranton.



As Creed Bratton, you are a very, very mysterious and not well known guy. You hardly ever show up to work. Even though you do occasionally, your desk is in a back corner of the office, meaning that not many people interact with you. You have done many illegal acts including possessing weapons-grade LSD drugs, giving teens fake ID's, and selling a tapeworm which was somehow not actually a tapeworm. You, unlike Meredith, who is similar to you, are a nice guy and usually treat most employees very well, although you are a bit of an odd ball.



As Angela, you are a tight Christian believer who is obsessed with cats. You do not like Oscar or Kevin, with whom who work with. You have a secret crush on Dwight, although you want to admit it. You nearly get married to Andy, but Dwight steps in and ruins the whole thing, leading to a fight between him and Andy.

Dwight K. Shrute

Dwight K. Shrute

As Dwight, you are one of the well known employees, but still a bit of an enigma. You like beet farming, Battlestar Galactica, martial arts, and paintball. You have always wanted to be the manager of the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin, but you have never gotten the opportunity. You are devoted to Michael, and with him carry out most of Dunder Mifflin's dirty work. You like to prank Jim, but you often fall for his instead of him falling for yours.