Could YOU be the England manager? The foolproof test which will let you know

England are looking for their fourth new manager in the space of a year. Want to know if you'd make the grade? Take our test to find out!

Created by Eurosport
On Jan 12, 2017

What's your personal style?

Your preferred tactics...

Your answer to the Wayne Rooney problem?

What would people say about your team talks?

What will the media make of you?

When it comes time to move on...

How will the fans come to remember your time as England manager?

A group of people you've never met before asks you all manner of potentially compromising questions, and offer you a huge amount of money for a few days' work. What do you do?

And finally... do you actually want the job?

Send your CV off now!

Send your CV off now!

You're the perfect blend! You've read the book on tactics, but have no idea how to apply it; you've as little in the way of motivational skills as you have in charisma; and nobody apart from yourself thinks you'd do a good job. Congratulations!

Sorry - you'll have to make do with a highly-paid Premier League job

Sorry - you'll have to make do with a highly-paid Premier League job

Okay, we know you're disappointed. But look on the bright side: your combination of common sense, a filthily pragmatic approach and slick media skills means you'll be a perfect fit for a mid-table Premier League club. Get on that gravy train right now...