Julie Andrews Is Calling Trump's Budget Cuts For Arts Funding "Mind-Boggling"

Dame Julie Andrews, beloved star of stage and screen, has spoken out against the Trump administration's decision to cut funding for the arts. Do you agree with her?

C.j. Eugene
Created by C.j. Eugene
On Mar 20, 2017
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Julie Andrews recently wrote an op-ed for CNN alongside her daughter, Emma Walton-Hamilton, urging the importance of federal funding for the arts in the U.S. Little did they know, only days after their piece would be published, the Trump administration would announce its plan to severely cut funding for the arts. Now, she has spoken out against the decision, saying:

It's mind-boggling... I cannot imagine why anyone would want to cut the funding on something as important as the arts.
Julie Andrews, The Project, March 20, 2017

In the piece she co-wrote with her daughter for CNN, Andrews further explains why funding for the arts is so important, saying:

Decades worth of research attests to the fact that the arts are among the most profoundly important and valuable ways to improve learning and promote success... Yet, the arts are the first to go when the budget ax falls.
Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, CNN, March 16, 2017

But now, what we want to know is..

Do you agree with Julie Andrews that funding for the arts is important?

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