Think You’re A Coffee Connoisseur?

If you pride yourself in being a coffee expert then what better way to challenge yourself then completing this quiz by Espresso Works. See how well you know your coffee, from coffee beans to coffee machines, and find out if you truly deserve the title of coffee connoisseur!

Espresso Works
Created by Espresso Works
On Jul 6, 2015
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Coffee starts out as:

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Which one of these coffee species contains more caffeine?

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Puerto Rican Coffee is noted for its:

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Which type of roast has the most caffeine?

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Which one of these machines would provide you with cold brew coffee?

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Which of these is a macchiato?

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What is roughly the lethal dose of caffeine?

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What country is the second largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil?

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Where is the Bean Belt?

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What are coffee shops called in Japan?

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