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Ernie Horabuena
Created by Ernie Horabuena
On Feb 20, 2017
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What Super bowl Game Did Ray Record Over His Wedding Video?

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The Entire Adult Cast Won At Least One Emmy

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What Year Did Peter Boyle Pass Away?

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How Many Episodes Are There of Everybody Loves Raymond?

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Is It True That Patricia Heaton Got A Real Boob Job During Her Time On The Show

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What Christian Denomination Is Amy's Parents?

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In This Scene How Did Ray Knock Down Debra?

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In The Episode "Pat's Secret" What Was The First Nickname Ray Gave Robert After Finding Out He Smoked?

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In The Episode "Debra's Workout" Why Was Ray So Jealous?

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In The Series Finale What Was The Very Last Line You Can Hear Before The Episode Cuts To Credits?

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What Year Did Everybody Loves Raymond Begin

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What Did Frank Say When He Saw Marie?

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Ally Is The Twins Real Life Step Sister

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During The Episode "Good Girls" What Date Did Robert Find Out Was His Actual Birthday?

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Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts Never Kissed on The Lips During The Show

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What Is The Name of Ray's Newsday Column?

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When Peter Boyle Auditioned For Frank He Was Legitimately Angry And He Scared Philip and Ray

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During This Scene What Was The Name Of The Horse They Bet On To Win The Race?

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CBS Offered A Spinoff Show of ELR, A Pilot Which Involved Robert and Amy Moving In With Amy's Parents and Robert Would Become A Gym Teacher

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In The Episode "Hackidu" What Is The Name of The Mythical Creature Ally Wants A Card of?

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Bill Parker Is Debra's Real Life Husband

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How Did Amy and Debra Meet?

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In The Episode "High School" What Was The Names of Ray's Two Friends?

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By The End Of The Show What Rank Did Robert Achieve In The NYPD?

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During The Episode "The Model" Robert Reveals How Tall He Is, How Tall Did He Say He is?

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In This Scene Why Is Ray So Nervous?

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In The Episode "The Angry Family" What Is The True Inspiration of Michael's Story?

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What Last Name Did Ray Give Peggy In This Episode?

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What Did Robert's Date Eat Off The Table That Put Ray in Shock?

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What is The Name of The Cult That Robert Joins?

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What Was Frank's Famous Response To Marie After She Stated She's Not Just Some "Trophy Wife"

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Maggie Wheeler Was Runner Up After Patricia Heaton To Play The Role of Debra

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Before Playing As Gianni What Part Did Jon Manfrellotti First Play On The Show?

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During This Scene Robert Predicts That Debra Is In Jail Because Why?

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In The Episode "The Skit" What Did Marie Say Would Have Been Funny If They Added To Their Skit?

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How Many Times Did Patricia Heaton Get Pregnant During The Show?

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In "Party Dress" How Much Did Ally's Dress Cost?

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To Get The Part of Debra, What Did Patricia Heaton Do In Her Audition That Made Her Stand Out?

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How Many Emmy Awards Did Doris Roberts Achieve For Playing Marie?

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Thankfully What TV Show Turned Down Ray Romano Which Led Him To Help Create ELR?

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Just Like In "Halloween Candy" Peter Boyle Portrayed Frankenstein Early In His Acting Career

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In The Episode "Raybert" What Is Robert's Girlfriend Natasha's Last Name?

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In The Episode "Annoying Kid" What Did Spencer Write On Ray's Fridge Using Alphabet Magnets?

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In The First Season What Gift Did Ray Give His Parents That They Hated?

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When Marie Made This Sculpture What Did She Intend For It To Be?

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What Is The Name of Robert's Puppet? and Is He Wooden or Plastic?

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In The Episode "Debra Makes Something Good" What Was The Dish Called?

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What Does Ray See While Looking Through His Window?

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What Did Ray Say Debra's PTA Friends Called her?

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What Is The Name of Peter's Cat?

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