Find Out Which Popular Alien You Are!

Our obsession with aliens is nothing new, but have you ever wondered which beloved being from beyond the stars you're most like?

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On Jun 27, 2021

Do you believe in UFO'S? It seems most of us do, given the sheer amount of aliens in pop culture. We've seen aliens that play basketball, aliens that land on Earth accidentally, evil aliens, sweet aliens, and aliens that make their home among people. Will you ask us to take you to our leaders or for a big sandwich? Let’s see. emoji

What are you doing tonight?

Are you cuddly?

How do you feel about your friends?

When you encounter a hardship, what is your reaction?

What kind of grades did you get in high school?

If your BFF randomly texted you, "Let's go on an adventure" what would your response be?

Which of the following is true?

If you could go to Mars, would you?

What's for lunch?

Are you sporty?

What are your thoughts on cats?

A hike in nature sounds...

You're a Monstar!

You're a Monstar!

You are athletic, determined, and talented like the Monstars!
In Space Jam, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes crew took on the Monstars, a team of aliens who stole the powers of the NBA's top players. Game on!

You are ALF!

You are ALF!

You are lovable, and not afraid of adventure. ALF was an alien from the planet Melmac who landed on Earth in the Tanner family's garage, and the rest is history.

You are ET!

You are ET!

You're a healer and a nature lover, and a gentle and sweet friend. ET was an alien botanist who secretly visited Earth and got left behind. He befriends Elliot, a young human, and a beautiful friendship and connection blossoms. Awww!

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What are you doing tonight?

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