Let's Find Your Ultimate Dream Home

From penthouses in New York City to cozy lake houses in tucked-away corners of New England, where do you see yourself living?

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On Jun 23, 2021

Who doesn't fantasize about the perfect home? It might be somewhere where big living room windows open to a gorgeous sea breeze, or maybe it's where you can watch the twinkling lights of the city sparkle below you. So until you save up enough to actually make the big move, let's see which one is right for you.

Are you good at saving money?

What's your drink of choice?

Which of the following TV shows do you like the most?

What do you want for lunch?

Do you live with a significant other?

If someone invites you to a club at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, are you going?

What's your favorite book from childhood?

When meeting up with friends you are...

What's the perfect accessory?

How long does it take you to get out of the house in the morning?

Favorite color?

What's the perfect way to unwind?

Big City Penthouse

Big City Penthouse

You are all glitz, glamor, and big city living.

Beachfront Condo

Beachfront Condo

Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and gorgeous sunsets- cheers!

Lake house

Lake house

You know cozy when you see it and you're not afraid to embrace it.

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