How Well Do You Know Valentine's Day?

Do you just love the holiday of love? Let's find out how much!

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On Feb 10, 2021

Nowadays Valentine's Day is most often celebrated by couples going out for a romantic dinner and exchanging gifts. But did you know the holiday of love is actually chock-full of interesting facts? From Roman mythology to modern-day economics, let's see how well you know February the 14th.

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How many Valentine's Day cards are purchased each year?

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It is widely believed that the origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to a Christian effort to replace a 6th century B.C. pagan fertility festival.

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Candy hearts were originally used as medical lozenges.

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Each year, thousands of love-struck individuals send letters to Verona, Italy addressed to this person

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Cupid is the ancient Roman God of love. Who was his mother?

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In the Middle Ages, the symbol of the X was used to sign off on documents.
After making an X, the writer would often kiss the mark as a sign of what?

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Approximately how much did Americans spend on Valentine's Day in 2020?

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A medieval folk belief held that birds will choose their mate each year on February the 14th. What bird is prominently featured on Valentine's Day cards?

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Throughout history, there have been approximately how many Saint Valentines?

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What was the flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love?

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An offshoot of Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, aims to celebrate female friendships. What TV character is credited for inventing this holiday?

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Who receives the most Valentine's Day cards?

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