10 Ways to Celebrate Galentine's Day

Ah, Galentine's Day. The most wonderful day of the year when you get to celebrate some of your most beloved and cherished besties.

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On Feb 10, 2021

Who needs roses and chocolates when you and your girls can skate to classic 80s hits or have your fortunes read? Nothing feels quite as good as celebrating your female friendships. After all, as the founder of this magnificent holiday, Leslie Knope said, "ovaries before brovaries." Keep reading for 10 ways to celebrate this special day.

#1 Hit the Rink

You probably haven't been to the roller rink since your friend's 6th-grade birthday party- which is why this is the perfect retro Galentine's Day activity. Who doesn't love to skate around to some classic hits with your best girls? Bonus: The roller rink won't break the bank, and you can probably top off the perfect evening with some killer pizza and a soda.

#2 Lady Boss Movie Marathon

Host the girls for a lady boss-themed movie marathon night. Pick some classics like Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada, Erin Brokovich, and The First Wives Club. Invite friends to dress in their favorite pajamas and keep the snacks coming and the drinks flowing!

#3 Make Your Own Sushi

You don't need to be culinarily gifted to make sushi. If you are a little nervous about making it with raw fish then hit some veggie combos like mango and sriracha, avocado, or sweet potato with mushrooms. Set each lady up with her own sushi station and see who can come up with the most delicious combo.

#4 Get Moving

Are you and your crew more of the active types? Set up your living room or garage as a pilates studio and invite your girls over for a killer workout. From pilates to dance, there's no shortage of workout videos online. Afterward, cool down with some smoothies in the sun.

#5 Sing it, Sister

There's nothing quite like some good, old fashioned karaoke. If you don't already have one, you can easily order a machine online. Fueled by some good cocktails and the need to let loose, no doubt a karaoke night will be one to remember. You can even challenge your girls to pick tunes that speak to the female soul. From Jolene to Run the World, there are some classics out there--just one question- what song is a must for you to sing?

#6 Host a Secret Cupid Party

What's a Secret Cupid you ask? It's similar to Secret Santa, but Galentine's Day themed. Have your ladies pick a name out of a bowl and bring a gift. Gift ideas include pink fuzzy slippers, a luxurious pair of sweatpants, a bag of freshly ground organic coffee, or a cute pink nail polish. Bonus: This can be done virtually too- have everyone drop off the gifts outside and open them together on Zoom.

#7 Brunch It

Head to your favorite cozy spot for a delicious brunch. You can also host a socially distanced-friendly outdoor brunch in a local park if the weather allows for it. There's just something about bacon, pancakes, and mimosas that really hit the spot.

#8 Host a Crafternoon

Are you crafty? If so, host your friends for a crafternoon. You can teach them your skill, or learn one together. Ideas include- knitting, painting, pottery, and making handmade Valentine's Day cards. Get the creativity flowing with some snacks and a killer playlist.

#9 Have Your Fortunes Read

Wonder what's in store this year- will you fall in love or get that big promotion? Host a fortune reading Galentine's Day gathering. This can easily be done online so you can hang with your friends who live out of town too. Hire a fortune teller to read each girl's fortune, then hang out to talk it all through afterward.

#10 Chill Out

Whether it's work, school, or kids- you might be feeling burned-out. Grab your girls and ask each one to bring something for a spa night. Ideas include herbal tea, face masks, nail polish, and hair treatments. Take a moment to release stress and pamper yourselves- you deserve it.

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