Spice Things Up: 10 Unusual Date Ideas

Feeling stuck or just want to make your next date super special? Here are some ideas to have a date like you've never had before.

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On Apr 12, 2021

First dates can be awkward. Imagine the clinking of forks and looking around anxiously as you desperately try to come up with something to talk about. The usual dinner and drinks can be nice, but after a while, you're probably ready for something new. Here are 10 unusual date ideas to spice things up a bit.

Hit the Bookstore

If you are a person who loves a good trip to the bookstore, then this one is for you. Go with your date to a local place and have each person pick out a book for the other. This can range from a cookbook to a mystery thriller to a travel book. Buy them for one another, and then exchange them and explain your reasoning. This will encourage you to think thoughtfully about each other- and bonus, you get a new book!

Thrift Store Shopping

Dates certainly do not need to come with a heavy price tag in order to be memorable. Jump in the car and head to your local thrift store. Once there, give each other a budget of $5-$10 each. Here's the challenge: using your money, pick out an outfit for the other person to wear. It's up to you whether you want to gift your date a cool vintage tee, or get them some horrible looking 80's blazer. Afterwards, wear the outfits to a local coffee shop and show off your new threads.

Flying Through Your Date

Dinner, movies, drinks... its all nice, but do you crave some action? Perhaps even some action to the theme of the circus? Most cities these days have trapeze options where you can pay to have a professional harness you in and teach you to fly. Some are even located outdoors and boast stunning views. This is not for the faint of heart- or those afraid of heights, but it sure is fun.

Pizza Tour

Let's get real for a second- who doesn't love pizza? Hit your local downtown area and go on a pizza tour. What does that mean exactly? It works like this: locate some pizza spots within a walkable radius of one another. Split a slice at each pizzeria to determine which shop boasts the best pie. This gives your date a fun goal (determine the best pizza), keeps you full, and gets you out and exploring the city a bit.

Botanical Gardens

Hear us out- the botanical gardens are not just for sweet older adults enjoying sitting on a bench in the sun. In fact, these gardens are often full with all sorts of exotic flowers and attract a variety of birds and other wildlife. Walk the paths around the garden, enjoy some fresh air, and appreciate a peaceful moment with one another. Bonus: those gorgeous plants and flowers make for some Instagrammable moments

Walk Your City

You might think you know your city pretty well, but have you ever taken a history tour of it? You would be surprised what the story is behind that building you've only seen 10,000 times in your life- or how your city got its name. Understanding more about where you live can also enhance your appreciation for that location. Look up a local walking tour of your city and get to know it better, together.

Get Sporty

If you city has an NBA team you've probably been to a few games. But what about the less known sports? This might include minor league baseball, hockey, or rugby. Grabbing some hotdogs and pretzels and heading to a local stadium can be a fun way to break up your usual sport routine. Dress in the team's colors, make bets, or simply learn about a new sport.

Head to a Local Pet Shelter

Do you both love animals? What better way to spend an afternoon together than volunteering your time at a local shelter. Oftentimes, shelters need help with walking dogs or playing with the cats. Doing this together can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your date. It can also be very fulfilling to give some goodness back into the world, together.

Star Gazing

Does your city have a planetarium? Many of the larger ones do, and they're not just for elementary school kids on a field trip either. Not every date needs to be perfectly planned and action packed- and sometimes it's nice simply to relax and be in the moment together. Take a trip to the planetarium and enjoy laying in a cool, dark room staring up at the stars and planets with your date.

Hit Open Houses

Sometimes it's just fun to dream of a future with your date, even if you aren't sure you'll be together forever. One fun way to do this is to hit some local open houses. This helps you to get to know your city's neighborhoods better and you get to peek inside some homes- how fun is that? It also gives you the opportunity to envision a life together- which can be thrilling.

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