10 of the Coolest Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Do you ever feel like all you do day after day is answer emails? These jobs are the cure.

Erin Shoshana
Created by Erin Shoshana
On May 23, 2021

Work can be tough- and finding a career that you love and have fun with can take many, many years. These 10 jobs seem to leave monotony behind and offer interesting, exciting, and even adventurous qualities to the position. Ever wanted to test water slides for a living? Or get paid to rob an actual bank? Yes, you read that right. Keep reading to read about some of the coolest jobs out there today.

Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Who doesn't love a good Netflix binge session? The fact that you don't actively have to choose to watch the next episode is just genius, and dangerous! But did you know there are people out there, among us, who are getting PAID to watch Netflix? Netflix taggers, also known as metadata analysts, also known as metadata analysts, are tasking with viewing TV shows and movies and assigning relevant tags. Tags might include genre, language, release data, and more. Where do we sign up?

Water Slide Tester

Don't believe us? It's true. There are people out there in the world, traveling to hotels, resorts, and water parks... to. test. the. slides. Part of a resort's attractions is what it offers in terms of lounging, pools, and entertainment and water slides are a big part of that. Imagine you took your kids to a hotel, excited to spend time in the water, just to find out the facilities were subpar? That's where the tester comes in. A water slide tester tests speed, fun level, comfort, and more to ensure guests have a pleasurable experience. It's probably a little awkward though- having to explain to kids and parents why you need to go down the slide again and again.

Nail Polish Namer

Why is that half the fun of picking a nail color is turning over the bottle and seeing what that color is called? As it turns out, there are people out there in the world responsible for this wonderful task. Each company does it differently, sometimes it's the higher-ups making the call, and others employ marketing experts to tackle this job. Some of our favorites? Across the Universe, Ladies and Magenta-men, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, and more. What's your go-to color and tell the truth- did you pick it in part because of the name?

Paranormal Tour Guide

Paranormal tour guides can be found all over the United States, you just need to do a little digging. These tour guides are in tune with the history of specific places like cemeteries, homes, battlegrounds, and more- and provide tours explaining the past and what spirits may be hanging around. Ghost walks are becoming increasingly popular and are not just for Halloween anymore. They can be an interesting way to learn more about your hometown and connect with some it is, uh, former residents.

Bank Robber (A Legal One!)

Legal bank robbers are a thing. Just let that sink in for a moment. Who hasn't dreamed of sliding into a bank and making off with a cool million dollars? Would come in handy for that home you want to or paying off your student debt, right? Well, these legal bank robbers don't get to keep the funds- and now in the digital age, they are mostly online. Legal bank robbers, aka penetration testers, are tasked with exploring how fortified a bank's security system is. This might mean hacking into the system, attempting to extract data, and even impersonating professionals to plant surveillance equipment inside banks. This unusual job is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Ghostwriter for Online Dating

It's not easy to be single nowadays. It can be so hard to know what's the right app to use for dating, and how to connect with people when you need to text or message as you get to know one another. Luckily, there's someone who can help with that. Ghostwriters for online dating can help you make your profile stand out and can help you express what maybe you haven't been able to put into words. These writers can craft honest, funny, witty, and engaging profiles to help you find the one.

Professional Bridesmaid

More and more, brides are hiring professional bridesmaids to be a part of their wedding party. A bridesmaid is often tasked with ordering dresses, organizing the bachelorette party, managing guest lists, and dealing with one thousand details in between. This can be a lot for your bestie to manage- especially on top of work, kids, or just life in general. The sheer logistics involved in planning a bachelorette party (flights, hotel, dinner reservations, games, etc) are enough to make your head spin. A professional bridesmaid not only takes the stress out of all the details but also ensures that vibes between the bride and her bridesmaids remain fun and relaxed.

Pet Food Taster

If you love your furry friend then chances are you are making sure they eat delicious, high-quality food. But did you know there is an actual human out there tasting all the pet food? A pet food taster is tasked with trying pet food to evaluate the different flavors, textures, and to ensure it meets the company's quality standards. While we think every pet deserves a delicious meal each day- it is very difficult to imagine chowing down on some salmon and beef kibble or a chicken and ocean fish delight- yikes!

Line Stander

From cronuts to designer shoes, it seems there is always a huge line for the next hot item. Good news? There's a person out there with the professional job title of "Line stander" willing to take the hit for you. Some lines for the hottest items can be 20 hours or more, and if you are not so into sleeping outside of the store, hiring a line stander can be just the right solution. Job qualifications most likely include comfortable shoes, patience, and the ability to not get bored. Line standers can get paid hourly and bring in some nice money as a result of just standing and waiting.

Snake Milker

Oh dear, if you don't like snakes- skip this one. When someone is bitten by a snake and given an anti-venom, that medicine was likely developed by using actual snake venom! That venom needs to be analyzed and understood in order to ensure doctors can give the right antidote for the right kind of snakebite. That brings us to the job of the snake milker. Snake milkers extract venom from all types of dangerous and poisonous snakes so that the venom can be used for the greater good. Is this an incredibly cool job in which you get to work with some exotic and amazing reptiles? Or is this a worst-nightmare kind of situation? It's a fine line.

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