Confused About Sunscreen? EWG Answers Your Burning Questions.

Think you know how best to protect yourself and your family in the sun this summer? Take EWG's quiz and test your sun safety knowledge!

Created By EWG
On Jul 2, 2015
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When should you apply sunscreen before going out in the sun?

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How much sunscreen should you apply to your arms, legs and face?

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People with darker skin can’t get sunburns.

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Melanomas occur only on sun-exposed skin.

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How often should you reapply sunscreen?

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Not all sunscreens protect skin against the sun’s UVA rays.

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What’s the best way to protect your skin if you have to be outside on a sunny day?

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You need to apply sunscreen even on a cloudy day.

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If I wear SPF 100, I can stay out in the sun as long as I want.

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If you had a few bad sunburns as a child, your lifetime chances of developing skin cancer increase.

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