Which Schuyler Sister Are You?

Ever wondered if you were unsatisfied like Angelica? Or helpless like Eliza? Or perhaps just like Peggy?
You can find out now! #TeamHamilton!

Emmy B
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What sounds like a good way to spend time?

Which do you relate to?

You find out that you and another girl are crushing over the same guy. What do you do?

Your friends love you because you are...

You would like to live where?

How would you meet your significant other?

Choose one:

Pick A Dashwood Sister:

Pick A Career:

You find out that your significant other cheated on you. What do you do?

You impressed everyone when you...



Congrats! You got oldest, the wittiest, and the gossip in New York City: Angelica Schuyler! But seriously, Angelica is such a big role and she's a very complex person. Angelica is a learned lady and is not afraid to speak her mind and give voice to her opinions. She was the muse to many great men in her day such as Hamilton, Jefferson and Burr. Like Angelica, you show great wit, mental capacity, and spunk. You crave the limelight and high society life but would still do anything to make those you love happy.



What a match! You got Eliza Schuyler! Eliza is such a wonderful female role model! Eliza puts her heart into everything and makes every move in her life one of total feeling and love. Eliza goes through some of the toughest situations through out her life and bears true grit through all of them. Like Eliza, you are strong willed, sweet and trusting, a true romantic and a determined girl who shows such selflessness through her generosity to others.



Nice! You got Peggy Schuyler! Peggy proves herself to be a team player through her choices in life. Like Peggy, you probably choose to play by the rules. Peggy is very pretty and shows devotion to her sisters by being at their sides. As a Peggy, you probably enjoy having someone to confide in since you are not so talkative as your sisters. Yet, like Peggy, I'm sure you have your fair share of one liners that can make people chuckle.

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