How well do you know what's happened in Adland?

Just because it's Friday, we thought we'd see how well you know what's happening in the world of media, marketing and advertising this week.

Emma Mackenzie
Created by Emma Mackenzie
On Sep 17, 2015
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What's the name of Clemenger Group's new content production company, officially launched this week?

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Which nation recently pissed off the Kiwis with spoof video of the Haka ahead of the Rugby World Cup?

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In our industry profiles section, who can't choose their favourite cheese?

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Which actor stars in the latest P&O ad from BMF?

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What spread was most talked about on Facebook during August?

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How did Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd express their congrats to Malcolm Turnbull when he became Prime Minister?

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What was the parody hashtag used for Tony's Abbott's ousting as Prime Minister?

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What are blokes encouraged to do in a new anti-violence campaign?

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How many times do Gen Y interact with their devices per hour, according to HP's marketing director?

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Which bank had the best customer experience, according to a recently released Forrester's report?

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