Which Bear Are You?

Are you most like a polar bear, a giant panda bear, a sun bear, or a grizzly? Find out by taking the quiz!
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Emily Larkin
Created by Emily Larkin
On Mar 27, 2017

How would others describe you?

How do you see yourself?

Which place would you like to explore?

Which of the following do you want the most?

When you laugh, do you...

How do you usually behave at a party?

What are you afraid of?

Which quality do you value most in a friend?

Which food sounds most inviting?

When you are sad, what helps you feel better?

You're Bay the Polar Bear!

You're Bay the Polar Bear!

When you are happy, you light up the world. Everyone watches you because you’re an exciting, creative and adventurous creature. But you are also more sensitive than some realise, and feel deeply. If you get sad or lonely sometimes, remember that you are loved and worthy of love, and things will get better.

Information about polar bears

Polar bears are found in the wild in Canada, Russia, Norway, Greenland, and the US (in Alaska). They are carnivorous and feed on seals. Polar bears have adapted to stay warm in freezing temperatures, and have a layer of underfur topped by guard hairs. Each strand of guard hair is transparent and reflects light from the environment – which is why, in snowy places, polar bears appear white. These magnificent animals are threatened by climate change as their habitat and hunting grounds are shrinking as the ice melts. The World Wildlife Fund has listed polar bears as vulnerable because their numbers are decreasing. To help polar bears, here are a few simple things you can do:

• Recycle!
• Turn off lights, computers, and other electronic devices when you’re not using them.
• Don’t leave your mobile charging when it’s already at 100%.
• When you can, walk, ride a bike, or use public transport instead of driving.

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You're Puck the Panda Bear!

You're Puck the Panda Bear!

You have strong views and see things in black-and-white. Your courage and convictions are admired by others, but you also have a very playful side that only those who know you well see. You are a sweet friend who enjoys comfortable, quiet living and good food. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Information about giant panda bears

Native to mountainous areas of China, giant panda bears are also called Oriental or Asian bears. Their striking black-and-white appearance has made them popular the world over, but these animals are endangered due to habitat loss, hunting, and climate change. Pandas eat bamboo and are shy creatures that usually avoid contact with people.

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You're Sala the Sun Bear!

You're Sala the Sun Bear!

You’re Sala the Sun bear!

You’re bright, playful and energetic, and especially come to life at night! You’re also resourceful, and try to turn any situation into a fun time. Don’t worry if not everyone understands your sense of humour – just remember that it’s okay to slow down and reflect on your more serious feelings once in a while.

Information about sun bears

Sun bears have brown fur with a white or yellow crescent on their chests. Found in tropical rainforests in Asia and Africa, sun bears are most active at night and feed on honey, insects, lizards, rodents, and fruit. The IUCN has classified sun bears as vulnerable, as habitat loss and hunting have caused their numbers to diminish. To find out more about sun bears, visit the links below:





You're Grove the Grizzly Bear!

You're Grove the Grizzly Bear!

You have a powerful presence and a domineering personality. Others admire your clarity and strength, and dedication to seeing your goals achieved. You are a fiercely loyal friend and rush to defend those you feel close to. Remember to relax sometimes and let others take charge.

Information about Grizzly bears

Found in North America, Grizzly bears are named for their “frosted, or grizzled, coats” (World Wide Fund for Nature 2017), and are a subspecies of Brown bears. They are resourceful creatures that consume fish, deer, berries, roots, fungi, elk and insects. Grizzly bears are threatened by poaching and habitat destruction.

To find out more about Grizzly bears, visit:

http://www.defenders.org/grizzly-bear/basic-facts or