Get an 'A' in Elvis Trivia Game

How well do you know the King of Rock 'n' Roll? Find out with this trivia game, brought to you by Elvis Presley's Graceland.

Elvis Presley's Graceland
Created by Elvis Presley's Graceland
On Oct 6, 2017
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Who wrote Elvis’ hit “Hound Dog”?

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True or False: Elvis did not attend the premiere of “Jailhouse Rock.”

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What was the name of Elvis’ first Christmas album?

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How was Graceland named?

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When first recorded, what was the name of the song that would be issued as “Flaming Star”?

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In which song does Elvis mention “Jim Dandy”?

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Who designed Elvis’ famous gold lamé suit?

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Elvis was filmed from the waist up on which of his performances on “The Ed Sullivan Show”?

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True or False: Elvis nicknamed the Graceland barn “The House of the Rising Sun,” because he owned a horse named Rising Sun.

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In a 1962 interview, Elvis mentioned that if he were not an entertainer, he would have liked to have become what?

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