This High School Prom Queen Did Something Completely Unexpected With Her Crown

This prom queen quickly turned from a fairy tale princess into a fairy godmother when she took off her newly won crown and bestowed it on her opponent. Find out more about this amazing story here!

Elsa Amelia
Created by Elsa Amelia
On Apr 18, 2017
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Keilany Solano was thrilled when she and her boyfriend, Daniel, were elected prom queen and king. They went onstage and had their photos taken, smiling happily. But Solano knew there was another person who could be even happier than she was in this moment: her competitor, Abby Cano, who has Down syndrome. Solano stepped down from the stage and gave her crown and sash to Cano, who was immediately overjoyed.

According to Solano, she didn't plan to do so, but she's very glad she gave Cano her crown.

I did it because I knew at that moment she would be even happier than me, and I felt like she deserved it more.
Keilany Solano, KXAN, April 16, 2017

Cano's mother, Sabrina Wycoff, was present for the special moment and said that although Cano was always treated very well by her classmates, she was still touched and surprised at Solano's gesture.

I was, like, ‘Oh, my gosh!’ So there is a picture of her and her sash and the tiara — I was, like, ‘Wow, Abby’s the prom queen!’ That’s amazing.
Sabrina Wycoff, KXAN, April 16, 2017

And how did Cano herself react? Well, she knew exactly what to do in moments like these:

I like to pose!
Abby Cano, KXAN, April 16, 2017

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