These 21 Animals Cuddling With Their Favorite Toys Show That Everyone Needs A Good Snuggle Now And Then

It doesn't matter if you're a corgi cuddling a toy that you think is your sibling or a turtle trying to hug a plastic wolf as tough as your shell. Everyone needs a nice snuggle every now and then and these precious, sleepy animals prove it!

Elsa Amelia
Created By Elsa Amelia
On Apr 27, 2017
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  1. This corgi thinks it's resting it's head on one of its siblings!

2. And this husky probably thinks this toy version of itself is its pup!

3. Meanwhile this newborn husky is clinging to a penguin barely smaller than itself.

4. And this cat's stuffed giraffe is the perfect size for naptime snuggles!

5. Uh oh! It's a whole sloth-stuffy cuddle puddle! Cute overload ahead!

6. This baby bear tries to look tough, but he needs this stuffed version of himself to sleep soundly.

7. This turtle may have a hard outer shell, but that doesn't mean he can't hug a plastic creature almost as tough as himself!

8. This baby fox may actually be attempting to eat its new bunny toy, but it's still adorable.

9. This seal might be all grown up, but he still appreciates some cuddle time with a new stuffed friend.

10. This fluffy dog refuses to let go of its bear friend.

11. Most cats are happiest when they catch and eat mice, but this kitty seems very content to nap with one.

12. And speaking of rodents, this mouse adores his teeny tiny teddy.

13. This sloth is clinging to his giraffe stuffy with all four toes and never letting go!

14. Meanwhile, this kangaroo is hopping through happy dreams thanks to its minime.

15. And this polar bear may be built for the cold, but it sleeps much better with warm cuddles.

16. This little piggy went straight to sleep thanks to the help of its piglet toy.

17. This donkey is still very small so it needs the help of a giant bear friend to drift off to dreamland.

18. This dog might be big and grumpy-looking, but he's never happier than when he's snuggling with his teddy bear.

19. Cuddles on cuddles on cuddles! Even this cat's stuffed toy has its own pal to snuggle with.

20. Meanwhile, this big kitty shows that you're never too old to snuggle with your favorite duckling.

21. And this hound and his stuffed animal show that a little goes a long way when it comes to snuggles.

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