Tattoo Lovers Are Going To Want A Botanical Tattoo At First Sight!

Tattoo artists are using real plants and flowers as stencils to create incredible nature tattoos. Find out more about botanical tattoos here!

Elsa Amelia
Created By Elsa Amelia
On Jan 31, 2017
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Kiev-based Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina (Rit Kit) has started an INCREDIBLE tattoo trend: botanical tattoos! Here are a few of our favorites:

And if you're not already madly in love having just looked at the botanical tattoos, wait until you watch the process for creating them.

Real flowers, ferns, and other plants are pressed into ink and then pressed onto the skin, creating a brightly colored stencil that's easy to see. Then, the tattoo is created on top of the stencil, creating an inking as unique as the plant it came from! And watching them being applied is somehow really relaxing. Here some simple leaves are pressed onto an arm to create a beautiful garden tattoo stencil...

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And here, the artist achieves an almost 3D effect...

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And here, a variety of flowers create a permanent arm bouquet...

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So, now, what we would like to know is...

Do you want a botanical tattoo now?

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