Can You Guess Which Of These Celebrities Are Leos?

Leos are typically warm, action-oriented people that are driven by a desire to love and be loved, so naturally there are a LOT of Leo celebrities! Can you guess which celebrity in each photo is a Leo? Flip to find out!

Elsa Amelia
Created by Elsa Amelia
On Mar 29, 2017

Sandra Bullock or Chelsea Handler?

Bill Nye, Barack Obama, or Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Abigail Breslin or Halle Berry?

Which Hunger Games star is a Leo?

Tom Hardy or Charlize Theron?

Which Clinton is a Leo?

Which American Idol Judge is a Leo?

Which Rolling Stones star is a Leo?

Which Amigo is a Leo?

Which Fantastic Beasts team member is a Leo?

Which Harry Potter cast member is a Leo?

Which of these Office cast members is a Leo?

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, or Russell Crowe?

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