Black Ruby - How Does The First iPhone 7 Movie Look?

The first iphone 7 film may not be defined based on its technological originality or a movie where critics are more concerned about how the cinematography compares to actual film.

Created By elmusto
On Apr 1, 2017
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The first iphone 7 film may not be defined based on its technological originality or a movie where critics are more concerned about how the cinematography compares to actual film. To be honest the movie cinematically looks great; rather I believe the film will be judged on the strong performances the movie gives.
Black Ruby, is about two hustling jazz musicians that are complicated characters -- played by Joseph Mennella and Zachary Laoutides. Both performances have already been covered in the Huffington Post as a modern day Brando and Montgomery Clift comparison. The complex friendship goes south when they fall for a black Hispanic escort named Ruby, played by the exotic looking Krystal E. Heredia.

I believe the strong performances come from a foreign vibe, it just feels un-American, but in a good way. I was able to catch up with European producer Marius Iliescu who runs Ave Fenix Pictures in Los Angeles.

The movie Black Ruby has a very Euro vibe as does all Ave Fenix films. What is the inspiration?

Europe does films differently than the United States; the emotional span is longer and deeper, acting is based on actors’ connections with one another and not special effects, silences are just as important as verbiage, chosen filmic subjects are not craving the spectacular but rather allow real life demeanor. Black Ruby, a ripe fruit in Ave Fenix Pictures’ cinematic orchard, has all the above within its makeup and, as European born and raised, I can vouch that its Euro vibe comes from the fact that real people are passionately working together not for the indulgence of others but embroidering a dream on the silver screen.
Interestingly, the founder of Ave Fenix Pictures, Monica Esmeralda Leon, who runs the studio from Chicago, is formally from Mexico. I asked Leon about the fusion of cultures and styles into her film that are so prevalent.

It’s pretty amazing these are films shot in Chicago and they feel so foreign, is that by choice or is that what the talent is bringing to the table?

I believe it’s who we are and that is being reflected into our films. Nothing is done on purpose -- it’s just who we happen to be and that expression is captured in that particular moment. I’m really happy that our films celebrate many different styles and in time we have already developed our own individual artistry that people are noticing.
One performance that stood out was the makeover of actor Zachary Laoutides -- a transformed appearance in the movie. The character of Louis Katz is entirely opposite of Laoutides’ latest release in January, Arise from Darkness. Laoutides goes from a disturbed shaggy Hispanic psychic to a blue-eyed James Dean type of persona.

You also wrote the screenplay… Why out of all the characters did you choose to play blue- eyed Louis?

It actually comes down to time. I’m writing, producing and co-directing, so it was actually easier for me to have fewer lines, less camera time and stay behind. The characters appearance was an after thought and so was the iphone 7. We all just wanted to make a good film and the characters were always the focus.
One who can attest to that is Marius Iliescu who also had a role in the film. Although his part was short lived you can see the special attention given to all the characters in the movie. The entire cast is intellectual and has layers of depth.

Just like your role of Tiger De’Leon in the movie Adios Vaya Con Dios -- in Black Ruby you have another memorable role, Vic the Pimp. How are you leaving your mark in such a short amount of time?

Usain Bolt does not have time to think during his 100 meters race. After all -- all that he has are 9 plus some fractions of a second to cross the finish line and beat his own record. Likewise, when an actor has only a few minutes screen time he has to go in guts and instincts, fully focused not on the big splash but into the material of the role. He has to sprint into his character, hug it tight and start breathing in unison. Vic the Pimp has a huge personality and so do I; he pushed aside many regrets in his life and so do I -- he despises the idea of defeat of any kind and so do I. Vic and I were one in those 3-4 minutes given screen time. My mark comes from my truth, which comes from my freedom of actions.
So, how does the first iphone 7 movie look..? Pretty damn good, but the performances are even more impressive!