How Detail Oriented Are You?

Are you more focused on the big picture or do you always think about the details? Perhaps you're a mix of both!

Margot T.
Created By Margot T.
On Mar 29, 2019

How easily do you remember people's names and faces after only meeting them once?

How many differences do you notice between the picture on the left and the picture on the right?

What emotion is this person feeling?

True or False: I tend to notice when people make small changes to their appearance such as haircuts and clothing choices.

Are you able to recognize where different accents come from?

What color was the text in the last picture?

When you walk into your home, do you immediately notice if something has changed or is out of place?

Do you remember random details that others may have forgotten or missed?

You’re focused on the big picture!

You’re focused on the big picture!

Has anyone ever told you what a creative and strategic visionary you are? With your focus set on the big picture, you are able to quickly notice patterns and solve complex problems! As far as tedious tasks are concerned, you have a low threshold for busywork and it can often leave you feeling exhausted. Although filling in the details of the big picture sometimes leaves you puzzled, you are always coming up with inspiring new ideas and projects! Keep letting your senses and intuition be your guide and don’t forget to mind the details closely!

You’re a strategic thinker

You’re a strategic thinker

You have a natural keenness for implementing ideas because you are actively focused on the details! Colleagues and coworkers have come to expect a perfectly polished final product from you and you never disappoint! In fact, you could proofread an assignment in your sleep and not miss a single mistake! Sometimes noticing every single detail can cause you to over-analyze things, however this ability makes you the perfect candidate for high level professions such as medicine and law that require diligent attention to technicalities. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to take a step back and look at the big picture every once in a while!

You see the details and the bigger picture!

You see the details and the bigger picture!

While others may have trouble executing the details of the bigger picture, you are able to not only envision a plan, but implement it as well! Paying close attention to detail is important to you, yet you are still able to see the forest for the trees and focus on the grand scheme of things. Although you are a bit of a perfectionist, you've always been able to remember random details that others may overlook. Balancing between attention to detail and understanding the bigger picture is no easy feat, but you manage to do it flawlessly!