Are You Actually More Han Or Chewie?

Are you a scoundrel, or are you a Wookiee?

Elle Van der Veer
On Jun 14, 2018

Would you pilot or co-pilot the Millennium Falcon?

Do you believe in the Force?

Who shot first?

Would you rather have BB-8 or R2-D2 as your companion?

And do you prefer Ewoks or Porgs?

Blaster, or brute strength?

Pick what you hate more:

You are totally HAN!

You are totally HAN!

Hey there, flyboy. You know you're slick, suave, and you outwit and out-steal everyone else. It must be nice being so cool... except when you get frozen by Boba Fett, amirite!?

You are totally CHEWIE!

You are totally CHEWIE!

What a Wookiee! You're totally Chewbacca, the furry co-pilot with a heart of gold. You're strong and loyal to your family – and to Han, of course. Anyone in the galaxy would be lucky to be your friend!