Are You A Gudetama Or A Hello Kitty?

It's getting kawaii up in here!

Ellen Evans
Created By Ellen Evans
On Mar 2, 2018

Would you be friends with this avocado?!

And would you fly through the universe with this pizza surfer!?

Do you feel like joining this dance party!?

Do you even know what this is!?

Are these the cutest or the yummiest watermelon slices you've ever seen!?

Would you want to be Pusheen's video game buddy!?

Can you EVEN with these ridiculously adorable heart-shaped pancakes!?

Where's this little hamster running off to!?

Last question! How much did you need a hug!?

You are a Gudetama!

You are a Gudetama!

*yawn* Like Gudetama, you're a sleepy kind of person. You prefer to let life happen at your own leisurely pace. And you're not afraid to procrastinate again... and again... and again.... and again.... and maybe you'll get to it tomorrow....

You are a Hello Kitty!

You are a Hello Kitty!

Hello, world! Like Hello Kitty, you're a bubbly and vivacious sort of person. You float through life happily, making friends and having a great time wherever you go. In your bubble gum-covered world, anything is possible!