Do you have what it takes to become Absolut's next 'Billion Dollar Nose'?

Absolut is recruiting for the coolest job in the world. Take this quiz to find out if you have some of the sensory mastery and super-taster talent needed to become Absolut’s next sensory expert.

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On Feb 3, 2017
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What percentage of what we think we taste is actually what we smell?

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If you’re a super taster, what percentage of the world population do you fall into?

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Tastebuds can regenerate – how often do you get new ones?

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Fungiform papillae are the small lumps on your tongue that contain taste receptors. In a 6-millimeter diameter circle, how many more papillae do supertasters have compared to non tasters?

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Can you train yourself to become a super-taster?

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How would a super taster describe the art of crafting flavours?

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What other characteristics determine whether you are a super taster?

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As a super taster, which of the taste groups are you most sensitive to?

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What is "fifth taste", after salt, sweet, sour and bitter?

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When educating about vodka, what is the ideal temperature to serve?

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What’s the best way to cleanse your nasal palate during a vodka tasting?

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Scent is the sense most closely linked to memory. What is the most evocative smell linked to childhood?

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Which of the following words describes Absolut’s Sensory Expert the best?

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