Vote: Who Just Dropped The Better Album - Taylor Swift or Missy Elliott?

Swift's long-awaited album, LOVER, hit today - and Missy Elliott just dropped a complete surprise-bombshell with ICONOLOGY. Who's doin' it better?

Elizabeth Derryberry
Created By Elizabeth Derryberry
On Aug 23, 2019
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Two phenomenal artists just dropped two totally different albums. Which one is doin' it better for you? If you haven't had a chance to listen yet, we've got links to stream both albums courtesy of Spotify & NPR. Lose yourself in the music, just like Eminem would want you to, then come back and vote to let the world know:

Who Just Dropped The Better Album?

Taylor Swift, Lover
Missy Elliott, Iconology
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Haven't had a chance to listen yet?

You can stream Missy Elliott's first original EP in 14 years here:

And Taylor Swift's seventh album, LOVER, is available to stream on Spotify: