Passing This Color Test Means You Have Genius-Level Potential. Do You?

How's your color perception? It's no secret that all of us see colors differently. This test, however, is structured to test your intelligence potential based on your ability to identify shadings and visual distinctions in color, not necessarily the specific color itself. Ready?

Elizabeth Derryberry
Created by Elizabeth Derryberry
On Feb 20, 2019
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Which specific color do YOU not find in this piece?

And which do you NOT see in this piece?

Which color stands out to you most in this piece?

To you, which color is most present?

Which color appears the LEAST to you?

and which grabs you most here?

What color do you NOT find here?

Which color grabs you most here?

This painting is:

Where do you feel pain in this piece?

You're Near-Genius Level!

You're Near-Genius Level!

Not bad at all! Results indicate that you've got a wonderful eye for color, and a strong creative streak regardless of whether you think so or not. This particular style of evaluation, however, is not your strong-suit, as you prefer more straightforward testing methods.

MARVELOUS! You have Genius-Level Visual Intelligence!

MARVELOUS! You have Genius-Level Visual Intelligence!

How great to receive this result! The assessment indicates that you have the same visual, color, and pattern recognition abilities of genius-level intellects / individuals. This is no insignificant thing, and you should be very proud! Art has always spoken to you, especially those with deep color & texture registers, even if you don't know it!

Absolutely ASTOUNDING! You have BEYOND GENIUS-Level Visual Intelligence!

Absolutely ASTOUNDING! You have BEYOND GENIUS-Level Visual Intelligence!

Astounding doesn't even begin to cover it - You have the highest-level visual intelligence that is able to be recorded by this assessment. Your results indicate a visual I.Q. capacity well over the genius-threshold, which should immediately resonate with you, as you've always found yourself thrilled with finer, intricate artwork. Color pallets, sensibility, and recognition are intimately woven into your psyche & passion. Truly gifted, you are!

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