Top 5 trending Tattoos

Tattoos have become a part of our everyday life, either we have them or someone we know has them. Every culture has its special way of tattooing as well as its meaning. Like all the other trends, even tattoo trends are changing year to year.

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On May 16, 2016

The Universe

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Mandala represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. In the last two years it had become one of the most desired tattoos, especially with ladies.


Time of My Life

Every now and then we are reminded that we have just a little time in this fantastic world. That’s why a lot of people decide to tattoo watches and timepieces. Most people know when did the most meaningful moment in their life had happened, and that’s why they tattoo specific hour and minutes.


Full Sleeve On

The most favourite kind of tattoo for extroverts. More and more people decide to go Full On, it’s painful, exhausting ( for tattoo artist and tattooed person ) and takes a lot of time and patience. But the results are always fantastic.


The Goddess of Wisdom

Owl was presented in Greek mythology like Athena, or with her. It represented wisdom, knowledge and erudition. Everyone has their own wisdom they follow so owl makes a lot of sense for philosophers and mystical people.


Catching the Dream

Dreamcatchers are protective charms all over the globe. They originated with the Ojibwe people because of the Spider Woman who stole children from their homes. The Ojibwe believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person's dreams, and that’s why people are getting a tattoo of a dreamcatchers.

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