Altredo Releases 95% Accurate Automated Trading Robot For Crypto Currencies Markets

Based on advanced self-learning algorithm to generate unprecedented trading profitability

Elena Av
Created by Elena Av
On Jan 18, 2018
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New generation automated trading systems for crypto currencies markets

Altredo Ltd., the Israeli provider of the most accurate trading tools on the market, today announced the general availability of its automated trading systems for crypto currencies markets (bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dashcoin, etc) software suite including a complete set of automated robotic trading tools providing up to 95% trading accuracy for most common crypto currencies financial instruments.
The self-learning robots continuously monitor world-wide markets and automatically place trades based on opportunities uncovered by self-learning predictive trading indicator algorithms. Subscribers using the Altredo's auto trading system report unprecedented profitability compared to manual trading or systems not based on the Altredo’s proprietary machine learning predictive algorithms.
The auto trading system robots leverage self-learning and machine learning techniques to identify favorable trading opportunities as they evolve on a multitude of exchanges around the world. Advanced neural network artificial intelligence mathematical algorithms are tuned to reveal optimal buy/sell conditions for most major financial instruments and underlying assets. The automated trading robots monitor financial exchanges and continually feed the market conditions in real time to predictive mathematical algorithms thereby providing trading recommendations based on the evolving market conditions. The robots effect the trades themselves or provide recommendations to the user for manual execution.

Altredo provides the most accurate trading tools on the market

Betsalel Avraham, CEO of Altredo Ltd. said “We set an ambitious goal for our company to provide the most accurate trading tools on the market for the widest selection of financial instruments to give our customers the greatest profitability and flexibility. Tens of thousands of our customers have given us extraordinary feedback on the accuracy and ease-of-use of the system. Today’s release marks the availability our most advanced and accurate robots ever and we are confident our customers will enjoy even higher profitability.”
Atredo’s CTO, Dr. Elena Av, Ph.D added “The Global Trading System incorporates sophisticated neural network algorithms and machine learning techniques that have evolved over seven years of intense mathematical research focused on the unique environment of financial trading. Today, we are achieving on a regular basis up to 95% accuracy for our self-learning robots.”
The automated trading system suite is a modular system where customers choose their preferred trading environment. Fully automated robots are available to monitor popular crypto exchanges and are able to interface with leading trading platforms.