What Weather On Another Planet Matches Who You Are?

One small step for man! One giant leap for mankind!

Eirabella Akoi
On Jul 25, 2017

Pick a spaceship to take to your new planet:

What are your thoughts on Pluto? (I know a few people, usually born before 1995 - who are adamant about Pluto still being a planet lol)

Which season do you feel most comfortable in?

One word that you associate with rain?

Would you ever want to be an astronaut?

What do you think the scariest thing about space is?

What would you name the tenth planet in our solar system?

During your trip through the Cosmos, you met a very weak but intergalactically wealthy alien - no one is around to stop you from taking his money and you won't get caught. What do you do?

If you created the world, what would you color the ocean?

Which question do you want to be answered the most?

Sulfuric Acid Rain - Venus

Sulfuric Acid Rain - Venus

You'd be sulfuric acid rain! I just hope no one runs outside hoping to sing when you're around.

Venus is like Earth on an acid trip. Its atmosphere is made of dense carbon-dioxide clouds and this an extremely dangerous substance. It would melt someone alive if they got caught in the acid rain of Venus!

You're a person of energy, angst, and competitiveness! The Wicked Witch of the West is looking a little bit more fortunate since you explode when water touches you.

Don't get carried away with melting people~

Dry Ice Snowfall - Mars

Dry Ice Snowfall - Mars

We’ve known for a while that there’s water ice on Mars, both on the northern polar ice cap and away from it, but in September, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter detected a rare sight carbon-dioxide snow clouds and snowfall. It’s the first evidence of this kind of snow anywhere in our solar system that other than earth.

I explain this story to emphasize how rare you are. While you may seem cold sometimes, you're actually very sweet. When meeting the right person, your cold exterior dissolves into a whimsical, playful mist.

You also probably have a dry humor, a. dry ice humor - that is.

Get it?


The Great Red Hurricane - Jupiter

The Great Red Hurricane - Jupiter

Jupiter's Great Red Spot would give you a whirlwind ride like you would never find on Earth. Counterclockwise winds of about 250 miles per hour blow clouds high in Jupiter's atmosphere into a beautiful, swirling pattern.

The Red Spot could swallow up two whole Earths. And don't even get me started on how it's been raging for at least 300 years! That picture is drawn to scale!

Three words, wild, crazy, and uncontrollable. That's you.

'Nough said.

Supersonic Cyclone - Nepture

Supersonic Cyclone - Nepture

Clouds of frozen methane whirl across Neptune, our solar system's windiest world, at more than 1,200 mph—similar to the top speed of a U.S. Navy fighter jet. Meanwhile, Earth's most powerful winds hit a puny 250 mph.

You're in touch with the element of air. You're fast and adaptable. Being able to keep up with some of the craziest, most adventurous people of our time - you're consistently ready to go.

Now the direction you go is up for debate. But running 1,200 mph into a wall sounds like it's going to hurt (lol!).

The Dragon Storm - Saturn

The Dragon Storm - Saturn

Dubbed the "Dragon Storm," convoluted, swirling cloud features are tinted orange in this false-color, near-infrared image of Saturn's southern hemisphere. This represents your bright, mercurial, and playful nature.

Sometimes (probably often) people just won't understand you. You're from a different world, to be exact, you're from Saturn.

It's normal that people won't be able to completely understand you, the next step is understanding why you're called the dragon storm.

Three words: fierce, ferocious, and worthy.

Monster Sandstorm - Mars

Monster Sandstorm - Mars

When I say monster sandstorm, I mean MONSTER.

I'm talking about a dust devil with half a mile high swirls over a sandy Martian surface on a late spring afternoon. Add some scorching hot winds and that's how we get you!

You're a bunch of things that are just a bunch of things. Yes, you make as much sense as that last sentence (lol!) But that's what draws people to you, you are new and exciting.

Sometimes things that don't make sense are some of the best things possible.