What Type Of Spirit Medium Would You Be?

Let's put your 6th sense to a test!

Eirabella Akoi
Created by Eirabella Akoi
On Feb 16, 2016

Have you ever talked to yourself?

Have you ever heard someone that's not human/alive speaking a language that you understand?

Would you consider yourself, already, a psychic?

Choose one of the following?

Quickly! Choose a word that describes you!

Quickly! Choose a word that resonates with you!

Quickly! Choose an element that you embody?

Choose a picture.

Which of the following sounds the most like you?

Which of the following could you not be?

Mental Mediumship

Mental Mediumship

Mediums don’t all receive information in exactly the same way... Once a link is created with someone in the afterlife, most of the information comes through to the medium "symbolically". For instance, the symbolic meaning of "a wife" might be a really pretty fancy girl shirt described by one medium, but to another medium, it may be a flower encased in a wedding ring. And since everyone has their own unique symbolism, the interpretation of that symbolism would be specific to the medium experiencing it.

Mental mediums create a connection of their minds to other spirits, and you are set right up for that! You show a natural connection to the spirit world!

Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship

Trane mediums are those who can enter the trance state either unknowingly or at will [the lowest level of brain wave activity referred to as the Delta state, or the sleep state]. That particular process is sometimes referred to as channeling, or trance channeling.

You would allow the spirit access to your body; in this way, the medium offers the spirit 'a temporary vehicle' for use in communicating. You would enter a place that almost no one else can find you in, it's a talent - I'd say!

Physical Mediumship

Physical Mediumship

A Physical medium specifically focuses on the physical phenomena aspect of mediumship. This simply means that the goal is for the medium to bring about physical phenomena within the room that others can see, hear and/or feel.

Let's be real, this is what a lot of people called telekensis. You would be the Jean Grey, Professor Xavier of the mediumship world! You'd probably need a lot of practice too!

Natural born mediums

Natural born mediums

Natural born mediums are born with mediumistic ability and are able to see and hear spirits as very young children.

I'm sure you've seen the movies called the "6th Sense"? Yup! That would totally be you! The spirits around you might not always be friendly, so as a child, you'll have to grow and understand the world around you.

It's natural for you.

Polyglot medium

Polyglot medium

A polyglot medium is likely the most rare of mediums, due to the idea of their powers in particular. It is a medium that speaks or writes in tongues, or in other words, languages that we don't understand.

You are complex, very understanding, and wise beyond your years - that's why you would be this type of medium. The trick is, learn the languages! Then you'll be able to dive into the secrets of a world that is sending messages through you!