What Is Your 6th Sense?

We're not just talking about ghosts anymore! What is your 6th sense!?

Eirabella Akoi
On Dec 18, 2015

Do you know how, sometimes, you can get a random tingly feeling?

If you DO get the tingly feelings, WHEN do you usually get those tingly feelings?

WHERE do you usually get a tingly feeling?

When someone cries around me, I feel...

Are you good at understanding maps?

Which of the following is the worst?

Do you believe in spirits?

Define yourself in one word.

Choose the picture that you like more:

Choose the number you like more.

Danger Sense

Danger Sense

Spiderman would be quite proud! Don't you think?

You see, you have an amazing sense for danger. You know when Danger is coming before he even leaves that ratchet little condo that he lives in!

You would make a great choice by joining the military or any protective service for that matter - you have a natural inclination for survival, because that's all instinct and danger sense really is! So go out and buy yourself some stylish armor and become the one who protects us all!

(Wouldn't hurt to get one of those novelty swords either)

Ghost Sense

Ghost Sense

If you often get the heebie jeebies, I would not be surprised.

You have a surreal connection to the spiritual world that I'm unsure if you even noticed yourself yet. Do you sometimes feel a surge of emotions while in church, near a graveyard, or even in a random place - YUP! Ghost sense doesn't have ANYTHING to do with death, or even evil, it means you have the ability to sense high amounts of spiritual energy. This can be a good thing... or very bad.

I would call the Ghostbusters if something pops off.... so WHO YOU GUNNA CALL? GHOSTBUSTERS!~

Direction Sense

Direction Sense

While some people may confuse this for a much more literal meaning, direction sense means you know the way you're doing.

This can be interpreted in two ways, you understand yourself and what you want to do with your life and/or you don't get lost - both metaphorically and literally. Yeah, I know, a mouthful!

Long story short, you're decisive and perceptive. You take information and process it in a healthy manner. This makes you able to make the best decision and do it in a timely manner.

Time Sense

Time Sense

Do you "got it going on"? Is it time for celebration that'll last throughout the years? You have time sense, this means you have a great sense for what's happening around you, what WILL be happening, and what happened in the past.

Sounds weird, right?

You are VERY perceptive, mix that with a great natural instinct for timing and an interesting ability to calculate human actions - and there you go!

Still confused? Well... it's like that sometimes.

Social Sense

Social Sense

You're not a wall-flower, are you? I'd be very surprised if you were!

You have a social sense! Your mind is right in tune with what it means to understand the people around you and their emotions. Either that... or you're absolutely oblivious to them, but that still counts!

I'll explain, getting along with people takes the type of person who is sensitive enough that they can pick up on human emotions and joy - yet isn't so sensitive that they pick up on the harsh subtleties that bothers quite a few introverts.

You're socially sensitive in the best way possible.

Emotion Sense

Emotion Sense

How in tune do YOU think you are with emotions?

Emotion sense is different from social sense, with emotion sense you're not sensing someone else - you're sensing yourself! You're brave enough to acknowledge something that you don't like in yourself, what makes you special is the fact that you're able to face those fears.

You're a warrior, a modern day one - and completely legit!