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The Birth of Beer
Alcohol leads to different effects in different people, so this isn't exactly the same for everyone.
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The Active Ingredient
The active ingredient in "most" drinks that gets us drunk is ethanol.
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Which mouth?
But it's REALLY dangerous doing it the butt way, but a bunch of frats have tried it... and had notably horrible results.
When you take a sip, you absorb it through any of your mucus membranes. That means your mouth... and your butt.
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The Factors of Alcohol!
How fast you absorb the alcohol depends on if you've eaten, how strong the drink is, and your tolerance of it.
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The Central System Getting Nervous
Alcohol affects your central nervous system - this is why you stumble when you walk.
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The Truth Serum
It also affects your central cortex, this is why you feel more free - and perhaps why people have no fear to lie.
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The Pee-onator!
Alcohol makes you pee because it stops you from making vasopressin (the thing that stops you from peeing).
I'm sure you've ran to the bathroom when drinking a lot!
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The Black-Out
The hippocampus is in charge of memory, if you didn't catch that one.
If you black out, it's because the alcohol is messing with your hippocampus.
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Drink Responsibly
The moral of the story? Have fun, but be safe!
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