The THOT Test! What Percentage Thot Are You?

Might as well pull the margaritas out now!

Eirabella Akoi
On Jun 5, 2017

What percentage of your romantic encounters were serious relationships?

How many stands of the one night have you experienced? Count only in the last 10 years.

Your thots on hallucinogenics? (totally not a typo, lmaoooooo)

You're at the party, what type of music do you want to hear them play?

Your thoughts on the color green?

Your thoughts on a stiff drink?

It's cold as a furless squirrel in Russia, but that person that you are OBSESSED with is at the party you're going to - are you going to cover up your special outfit with a jacket or are you going to show it off?

Your favorite thing to do with free-time during the week?

Choose one of these completely made up words.

Thanks for taking this quiz and being silly with us! I hope you enjoyed the jokes! Take this shirt as a gift, and be sure to share your inner Thotness~

0% Thot

0% Thot

I think you already know how much of a nice person you are, with absolutely 0% Thot within you.

You're the perfect person to introduce to family members, to bring to professional events, and to pick up your friends kids. This is as non-Thot as you can get, and it's a downright accomplishment!

20% Thot-tertots

20% Thot-tertots

Hey there Thot-tertot!

You have a healthy splash of thotness! You're fun but know how to control yourself. You're interesting but know how to listen to the people around you.

The perfect size of thot, the thot-tertot! Can you say bite sized realness?

P.S. - yes, you're allowed to wear a skimpy shirt here and there, you've earned it.

40% Thot Pocket

40% Thot Pocket

Thot pockettttt~~~

The best type of snack, I promise! The ThotPocket won't let you down! It's always on the go, ready to get down when it needs to, and it tastes great!

You're the Thot Pocket, with just enough flavor to have fun around your friends, spicy enough to break it down on the dance floor when you need to, but balanced enough to put on a suit when the time comes.

Thot pocketttt~~~

60% Thotastic

60% Thotastic

Thotastic - having just the level of thotness that makes you creative, daring, and brave. It's not easy to walk outside in short-shorts in the middle of winter. It takes guts!

So go get a pair of short-shorts, wait until it's brisk - THEN GO OUTSIDE AND STRUT YOUR STUFF!!! You better sing from "Let It Go" from Frozen while you're at it!

80% Thotilicious

80% Thotilicious

You have so much Thotness that you get your own flavor, Thoticilious! When you get a splash of flavor from the Majesty of Thots himself, we get you!

You're adventurous, playful, and charming. You're adaptable too, that's the magic of the Thotliciousness!

You magnetic and have a bit of magic that I can put my finger on.

Oh! And don't let your jam come on while in the club! Can you say slayed? Go on wic'cha Thot self!

100% Thot-it-Going-On!

100% Thot-it-Going-On!


I've been waiting for you all dayyyyyy!!! My thot sibling!!! You're 100% thot! You make women blush and have these grown men getting jealous!

You are completely immune to the cold, drink margaritas like it's juice, and twerk like no other!

So put on your Adidas sweatpants even though you don't play soccer and break it down!