How Hot Is Your Aura?

Are you setting fire to the rain!?

Eirabella Akoi
Created by Eirabella Akoi
On Jun 16, 2017

Today we'll be looking at your aura, let's begin with letting you choose the method you'll be using the most during this quiz.

On a scale of one to ten, how intense is your mother?

On a scale of one to ten, how strict is your father?

On a scale of one to ten, just choose a number that speaks to you after seeing the picture above - 3 and 7 are not options.

Firefighters dive into a world of heat to save many people, how hot do you think the usual houses are?

Where do you think the warmest place on earth is?

Where is the coldest place on earth?

Choose a hot pepper!

Choose a color!

You're probably hot after all those peppers! Choose an icecream flavor:

Take a cold drink before you go:

Thanks for taking my quiz! Looking forward to hearing what you think about it! Oh! Before you go, pick one of these reds:

Ice Box Where Your Heart Used To Be

Ice Box Where Your Heart Used To Be

You are calm, collected, and controlled. You have an aura that can calm even the greatest of fires, your strengths would be bests used where you can regularly solve problems. You might want to consider being a firefighter?

There is an icebox where your heart used to be, but I'm amazed by how you are worried about taking my quiz when you should be visiting the doctors! HAH!

Setting Fire To The Rain

Setting Fire To The Rain

You are charismatic and unique, you're able to bring new and exciting things to the table. You're the friend that is always doing the unexpected.

Your aura is SO hot that not even the rain is safe! Now how the hell did you figure out how to set the rain on fire!? Hide your kids, hide your wife!

It ain't safe fo' nobody!

Take Off All You Clothes

Take Off All You Clothes

Oh you thought you'd slip past my radar? No no~

You are adventurous and intense, which means this could be from jumping off buildings to stripping in the middle of the floor! You just never know with you! The funniest part is you might not even know it yet.

All you need is know is that it's getting hot in herrrrrrrrrre!

It's Like A Heat Wave!

It's Like A Heat Wave!

You're aura is like a heatwave!

One moment you could be cool and controlled, the next moment you're outlandish and wild! A heatwave!

Summer is coming and it's your time to shine, you are the friend that is the best with helping others be themselves and helping them be proud of it.

You're taking over!

A Fever of 103 - You Give Me Fever!

A Fever of 103 - You Give Me Fever!

Easily one of my favorite songs ever, your aura is like a fever!

You're bright, energetic, and at your best when the chips are stacked against you. Do you find yourself doing your best at the last minute? Your aura is showing that you're great under pressure.

You're also like a fever of 103, ya' give me fever~!