Do You Really Know The Streets of Gotham?

Test your street smarts on the roughest asphalt in fiction. Do you have what it takes to master Gotham City?

Eirabella Akoi
Created by Eirabella Akoi
On Mar 29, 2017
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Let's start it off spicy! Whose nipples cause quite a bit of controversy when his Batman costume was revealed?

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What is NOT a name that has been given as the real name to the Poison Ivy character in a program?

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Who is/are the official creator(s) of Batman?

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What year was the film "Batman" by Tim Burton released?

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Who is responsible for murdering Bruce Wayne's parents?

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Who has not suited up as Catwoman?

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Founder of the worldwide League of Assassins?

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What was Harley Quinn's professional before she went coocoo for cocoa puffs?

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Speaking of a professor of psychology... which villain has a degree in Psychology as they run the street of Gotham?

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Why did Batman take in Dick Grayson and train him to become Robin?

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What team did Batman create?

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Where did Nightwing come up with that name?

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Barbara Gordon became Oracle, after what event?

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Who is the identity of Hush?

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Batman was kicked out of the Justice League Association at one point. Why?

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